About Us

We started The Wineing Club because we believe wine does not have to be difficult, overthought or unnecessarily expensive. It all depends on why you are wineing. Sure, there are times when you want to find and drink something very specific whether it be region, grape, flavor profile or something else and pay appropriately. Many times, we just want to grab a glass (or bottle), know that it will taste great for the occasion and enjoy that time.

Wine Selection – We choose our wines for their value.  This could be a 92 point Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina designated Best Buy (Tastings.com/Beverage Tasting Institute & The Wine Enthusiast) for $10; a 93 point 2001 Garnacha/Carignena blend from Priorat, Spain that is end of vintage and reviewed to drink (or continue aging) through 2024 for $59; or even an 89 point 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina which is unique for the area for its age.

Wineing Clubs – We aim to create clubs that reflect many of your wineing experiences and/or moods. For example, Casual Wine’ers is for those who entertain small or large groups of family and friends and need good inexpensive wine to share while needing some on hand all the time.  Of course, it could mean you just want to have a good stock of wine on hand for you. For those of you who like to explore the world of imports, we have the Exploring Wine’er for you. The Foodie Wine’er is for those who like good food, enjoy cooking and want a great bottle of wine and some recipes to boot.

Wine Regions – You will find a heavy emphasis on imported wines. Why? Because wines from places such as Argentina, Chile, Spain and other areas have amazing values for price and quality. They fly under the radar because they aren’t from the Old World.  Domestically, the lineup will develop with offerings from reliable, popular areas in California and the Pacific Northwest but also with offerings from developing and less exposed regions such as the Finger Lakes.

Wine Rotation – We are all about choice and trying new wines; why else would you join a club!  Our wines will continuously change brands, winemakers, varietals and vintages over time.  We do believe in revisiting brands, winemakers and varietals so don’t be surprised to receive a brand and varietal you have received in the past from a new vintage or a different line.  If it’s there it’s because we believe you’ll enjoy it!

We’re Social – Wineing is social; mostly :). We are active on Facebook and Instagram and want you to be too.  Join us online and tell us “How do you Wine?”.

Happy Wineing!!