Will I be charged the same price for every club shipment? Prices will vary slightly depending upon the wine selected for each club.  As a guideline: Casual Wine’er will range from $10 – $12; Exploring Wine’er will range $14 – $18; Foodie Wine’er will range $27 – $34.  You will have the opportunity to cancel or suspend prior to each shipment.
If I would like to skip a shipment, may I? We don’t know why you would 🙂 But, yes, you can.  Details on how will be provided in your notification reminding you that a charge is about to be incurred prior to your regularly scheduled shipment.
How do I pause my subscription? Please refer to the email you will receive prior to each regularly scheduled shipment.
If I’m from a state that isn’t eligible for shipping may I purchase for someone who is? Absolutely.  When you checkout ensure that the Shipping Address has the recipients Name and Address.  Final shipping and checkout price is based upon Shipping Address.  Don’t forget – Make sure they know it is coming.  Adult Signatures in person are required for delivery.
Does my club subscription automatically renew? Your club subscription renews automatically based on the frequency you chose when you first purchased.  Your credit card will be charged on the 15th of the appropriate month.  Shipments will go out 5 -7 business days after renewal.
How do you choose your wines? With great taste!  Seriously, we look for wines that deliver a great quality for price, represent their region and varietals well, and that we believe you will enjoy.  We get excited to find great values from around the world to share.
Will I always receive wines from different wineries or labels? Many wine growers and vineyards produce a range of brands, styles and price points.  It’s always interesting and fun to explore a range of wines from winemaker.  So, you will get a wide variety from different wineries while also revisiting wineries and labels.
How much is shipping and handling? We charge a flat $6.50 handling fee to help offset packaging and carrier signature fees.  Shipping varies by weight and destination.  Our shipping rates are also offset rates; meaning the rate covers a weight range for your location.  Example, the shipping cost for a single bottle is the same as for four bottles, nine is the same as 15.
When should I expect my club shipment? If this is your first purchase, your order will ship 2 – 3 business days from time of payment.  Delivery time depends on your location and carrier (see chart below).  Subsequent club shipments will ship on approximately the 20th day of the month according to the frequency you chose.  Exact day will vary by a day or two depending upon weekends/holidays.
What if I ordered some bottles from the Bottle Shop?  Individual orders off the Bottle Shop or from your members only product list will typically ship 2 – 3 business days from time of order.  Delivery time depends on your location and carrier (see chart below).
Delivery Time Location
Next Day  California, Nevada
Second Day Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico
4-5 Days North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming Missouri, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, D.C.
Exceptions Some areas of Next Day & Second Day may not be covered by our West Coast carrier.  These will fall in the 4-5 Day ground range.
Keep in Mind Actual delivery time is dependent upon the carrier.
Adult Signature is required which will delay delivery if no one is home.
You will receive your tracking number when shipment is confirmed.