Familia Otero Ramos

“Our goal and motivation have always been the effort, hard work and passion to succeed in going the extra mile, giving a clear example that when you get involved with the land and its roots, you leave an imprint where you belong for future generations. This is our dream, and why we set our way for…”

Familia Otero Ramos is the result of many decades of effort, passion and hard work.

The project that Manuel Otero Ramos conceived in his mind for many years has always been seriously and strongly determined as a family legacy he shows with great pride.

In a province where wine culture has always been fostered by our ancestors, few succeed in materializing a Viticultural entrepreneurship. This is the case of Manuel Otero Ramos, whose passion for this activity runs through his veins and has managed to get involved with the land.

Manuel Otero Ramos set a goal, not as a dream but as a possible reality. Simultaneously with his studies, he started working in real estate. This allowed him to be part of significant winemaking businesses, where excellent wines were made.

In the late 90´s, he was determined to make his dream come true and started this ambitious entrepreneurship. He purchased a rich parcel of land in Luján de Cuyo, First Viticultural Area, cradle of the greatest Argentine wines and only location in the world with DO for Malbec.

With the new century ahead, together with his wife and children, he persisted in fulfilling this project whose imprint has always been passion and the firm conviction of guiding the steps of future generations.

In this exceptional location, 32 ha. of a unique landscape framed by the Andes in Luján de Cuyo – first Viticultural Zone only one in the world with DO for Malbec.  Familia Otero Ramos planted outstanding stocks of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Torrontés and Sauvignon Blanc a 32 haover 900 mt asl. Some years later 60 ha. in Valle de Uco at 1100 mt asl were acquired.

The necessary infrastructure was built and the selected stocks were planted and supplied with drip irrigation that uses snowmelt water from the mountain.

The labour in the vineyards is manual: debudding, green harvest during veraison and green harvest to sort clusters.

Familia Otero Ramos vineyards are irrigated with snowmelt water from the Andes, which are stored in our 8m-liters capacity reservoir that also refreshes and embellishes the view.

The vineyard’s layout allows a meticulous and manual handling of the stocks. Wine is conceived in the land and once the bunches are ripe and have reached their peak condition, they are carefully harvested and taken into the winery in boxes, thus obtaining top quality raw material to make top quality wines.

Familia Otero Ramos winery is designed and built in a Spanish style, a traditional characteristic construction of late XIX, beginning of XX century wineries. There is an underground cellar for oak and bottle storage.

Gold Medal at “Vinus”, Argentina

Silver Medal – San Francisco International Wine Competition 2016

89 Points, The Wine Enthusiast 2017

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