Cheers Wine’ers!

Welcome to the Club!

The Wineing Club strives to offer wines from all over the world while emphasizing countries, regions and grapes that don’t get the attention they should.  Take the Torrontés from Argentina as an example.  The grape is not well known in the US but if you like a Sauvignon Blanc with a twist for a change of pace then you’ll enjoy this.  We chose this because it is a great introduction to the floral and aromatic torrontés yet is crisp and easy to drink.

As for Argentina, we will say this often… More than Malbec!  There are a lot of interesting developments in different regions with traditional and non-traditional grape varieties which is great if you enjoy tasting the wines impacted by style and terroir.  Of course, much is happening with Malbec too.  We’ll be talking about this, and plenty of other areas, in the Blog and as part of your shipments.

Our aim here is to make it easy for you to wine your way by taking the work out of picking your wines. We also think you should have a club that includes some great value offerings to stock your fridge with too.  So check those out!

Please take a few minutes to browse around and see our first round of offerings that you can purchase by the bottle (or case, if you’d like).  You’ll see on the Be a Wine’er page we are offering some introductory specials.  Just send us your contact information for a coupon.  We’ll also email you when we are ready to take your subscriptions.

Happy Wineing!!